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In every way, the Tales for Tweens book is absolutely beautiful - from the selection of the stories, the language used, the conceptualization of the characters, the illustrations and indeed - the thought behind the book!
Namrata Bhagtani-Sadhvani, Parent
Tales For Tweens particularly gives us an amazing example of inclusive approaches, resources and materials; and all that it needs is more conversations, more open discussions, and the thought to take that step!
Gokul Kumar, Outreach & Admissions, Plaksha Technology Leaders Program
An absolute gem. The explanations and the additional resources that the book provides is gold. It's a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms to discuss concepts that are difficult for younger students to grasp. I wish I had such books in my school. Absolutely will recommend!
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As the name suggests, Tales for tweens is a compilation of several short but progressive stories. It has topics like Saving money, self kindness, environmental protection, body positivity etc. Highly recommended for today’s tweens for an inclusive world.
Sairah Agarwal, 9-year-old Children's Book Reviewer

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Launching soon on major e-commerce sites!
Tales for Tweens is an inclusive and progressive storybook for young Indians. The book is a compilation of the finest stories spread across themes such as Body Positivity, Gender Identity, Saving Money, Climate Change, and Mental Health.

The stories are handpicked from the best stories in StoryWeaver, an open-source platform, under the Creative Commons (CC) License. By leveraging the CC License, the stories are further enhanced to be inclusive and diverse with the aid of an inclusivity index.

Long Live, Creative Commons!

Tales For Tweens is a sincere effort to break away from the shackles of stereotypes and prejudices.
The book is released under CC BY NC 4.0 license.
If you're an educator who'd like to have a soft-copy of the book to use with your students, please drop an email to [email protected] :)

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Launching soon on major e-commerce sites!

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Young people between the ages 9-14 will find this book super relevant.

​​​​​​​However, if you're someone who enjoys Pixar movies or if you're curious to read stories on topics ranging from gender identity to mental health, go ahead and give it a read!
Yes, the stories in the StoryWeaver platform are published under CC BY 4.0 license. This license allows anyone to share, adapt, and publish licensed content commercially by providing proper attribution. In fact, Pratham, the non-profit organization that runs the StoryWeaver platform encourages others to publish their stories as they are in the mission to see 'a book in every child's hand'.  
Tales For Tweens is put together by Deepak Varuvel Dennison with help from his expert friends at Flourish and Young India Fellowship'18. Deepak intends to use the proceeds from this book to fund his Masters in Learning Design and Technology at Stanford University. Deepak is passionate about all things education, design and technology. If you'd like to know more about his work, please check out his website - ddeepak95.com
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